CLIENT: Zelda Can Dance is the name of a production company who has produced the award-winning documentary, "Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity."  The name of the company was decided by the owner, Roger C. Memos, who named it after an incident in the 1920s where jazz-age writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald were reported to have done the Charleston on the roof of a taxi while it proceeded down Broadway in New York.

My first impulse was to use a silhouette of the dancing couple, but try as I might, I could not find a photo of this legendary activity. The other problem with that kind of a solution was that a small icon of a dancing couple on a taxi rooftop would get very vertical and the smaller it got, the less readable it became. The next solution I thought off was a strictly typographic one, using a period typeface to reference Scott and Zelda's heydey, and to put some action into the word "dance" without falling out of period. A simple flag-waving type solution did the trick, thanks to Photoshop's typographic options.

The production company's initial project was a biography of one of the film community's first "actorvists" Marsha Hunt. The Zelda logo had to be adapted to business cards, release forms, ads and posters for the movie and finally for CDs and DVDs.

The practicality of this solution is easily seen below left in the Blu-Ray DVD label art, also created by me. Even at this extreme reduction, the type is visible.