CLIENT: History For Hire, Inc.- A property house servicing the entertainment industry, including movie, television, theatre, photography and music video production. The firm rents and manufactures hand props and specializes in period films and in military, music, media and film making equipment from ancient through the 21st century.

The company's identity began with the choice of an archaic typeface from the 19th century when it was founded in 1985. With the expanded stock in entertainment media history, the addition of the 1920s director and cameraman were incorporated with the logotype to create a logo bug. Trademark colors were also established at that time which were employed in stationery, signage and interior design colors on site.

A desire to add a more traditional "made in Hollywood" feel to the company identity resulted in an illustration* imitating a vintage orange crate with a scenic depiction of an early movie studio nestled in an orange grove.

The design approach of adding elements has allowed the company to continue to use its promotional material for longer period of time, guaranteeing continuation of a brand identity.

*Orange Crate illustration by Carol Newsom..