CLIENT: Cinecon Classic Film Festival is the current form of the previous Society for Cinephiles convention, which began in 1964. The festival generates print ads and posters as well as a100+ page program which includes descriptions of the films which are part of the festival in addtion to sponsor ads, schedules, and various thanks pages to film contributors and participants in the festival.

The Labor Day weekend festival takes about six months to prepare and the art requires a good deal of flexibility as changes may occur just before the large program goes to press.

I have designed and typeset the program for a number of years while in past celebrations I have also illustrated the program covers, posters and developed the logo for the organization.

One of the features of the festival is the screening of original nitrate Technicolor films which requires special equipment. The Nitrate screenings take place on Saturday night which led me to suggest the name "Saturday Nitrate Fever" and create a logo which imitated the logo of the 1970s disco-era film.